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Off Beat India
Mahatma Gandhi once said ‘The future of India lies in its villages,’ and we also believe that the heart of India lies in its villages and showcasing this is a vital part of a trip to India. Rolling green paddy fields, majestic mountain scenery, heartland forests abundant with wildlife, golden desert scenes, interspersed with small hamlets and villages provide a total escape from hectic city life. People often have the misconception that it is in the villages where one might encounter poverty, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Granted, in terms of material possessions people may not have much but here is a simplicity and quality of life and no-where else in India, will you be offered such genuine, heartfelt hospitality than from its rural population. Traditional houses, clothing, arts and crafts such as textile weaving and pottery making accompanied by warm smiles are in abundance here.  There is also a fabulous collection of wonderful, boutique hotels and lodges, former summer homes of the maharajas, luxury tented camps, tented camps in beautiful locations and home stays which provide the opportunity to explore the countryside from the comfort of unique properties which are guaranteed to be a talking point once you go back home!