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Best Hotels for your tours

Titlyy Hotel Types

There is a wide variety of hotels in India to suit all tastes and budgets. If you are a little confused by each of these different types and what they can add to the overall experience, read on for our own definitions. Each of these types may also come in three categories standard, deluxe and luxury. Our pledge to you, is that no matter the category, the hotels chosen will be the best in their type.

3 Star Hotels

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Eco Lodges


Homestays are a wonderful way to experience the culture of the country. There is nothing quite likeIndian hospitality, this is after all, the land where ‘Guest is God.’ Staying with a family in their home,sampling their food and experiencing life first hand can be wonderfully insightful and rewarding. Wehave researched some of the best family owned and run properties throughout the country and willinclude these for you in order to enhance your overall experience!

Boutique Hotels – City/Rural

These are smaller hotels, with usually up to 40 rooms and where the focus is on the charm, ambiance and experience of a particular location. They can either be in a city or can be offbeat in a rural location and provide much personalised service and wonderful experience of that particular destination.

Heritage Hotels & Palaces

India and Rajasthan in particular virtually built its tourism on its heritage, converting the palaces and forts belonging to the maharajas into wonderful heritage hotels. The grandest and most famous of these are evocative of a bygone era of romance and luxury, opulence and glamour. However, there are also smaller, charming, in some cases off-beat heritage hotels, small forts, former hunting lodges, and wealthy merchants houses (havelis) that have now also been converted into fun, heritage accommodation.

Wildlife Lodges

It took India a little while to catch up with the more traditionally famous wildlife destinations however, it has now more than made up for this with the quality of fabulous wildlife lodges that there are throughout the National Parks of India. We firmly believe in working with the wildlife lodges who have a strong conservation and eco policy in place, employ a large percentage of locals and who have passionate and knowledgeable naturalists who will ensure that your wildlife experience will be the best it possibly can be.

Off beat hotels

Some of the best and most authentic experiences are in the countryside, this is where we believe that you will have some of the most memorable experiences. It is here, away from the chaos of India’s cities, where people live in a more relaxed manner and have time to enjoy life! Throughout the country, there are wonderful off beat hotels where you have the opportunity to witness rural life, meet the people, have time to pause for breath and truly get to experience the heart of the country.

Three-star hotels

We know that not everyone has the budget for the five star and fabulous hotels, but why should that make you miss out on India? We want to make India affordable but also to ensure that the hotels you stay in are of good quality, offering good cleanliness and service levels. Therefore, in each destination, we have checked out some of the best three star hotels for you, making India both comfortable and affordable!