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India has the most extraordinary wildlife, most people are aware that we have the largest number of tigers to be found in the wild, spread across many of our beautiful national parks, from north to south but , although the tiger will always be the icing on the cake, we have many more beautiful species to go in search of. We have 15 species of wild cats including the leopard, lions and the magnificent snow leopard, we have four species of bear, we have wild elephants and one horned rhinos, wild gaur (the Indian bison) as well as the Indian Wild Dog, Jackal, hyena and, rare to spot but not unheard of is the Indian Wolf. We have the micro species, countless reptiles and around 1200 species of birds. A wildlife trip to India is a journey of discovery of the wonderful species we feel that we are fortunate enough to share this diverse country with. Contact us to help you discover them too.