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About Titlyy

World Best Women Oriented Travel Company

Welcome to Titlyy! I am delighted that you have found our website. India is a magical land that is vibrant and varied and I believe, truly has the diversity to provide a fascinating and memorable holiday, no matter your interests. However, it can also be a little confusing! There is so much choice from the destinations on offer, the types of hotels and the multitude of experiences. I fully appreciate this. My passion is travel, its what persuaded me to set up this business, but sometimes even I find it a challenge deciding which destination to visit next, or which experience to try out.

This is why Titlyy was founded. To help you to determine your India. Having done ten years of ground work in other travel companies, I realised there was a mismatch between what a client may actually be looking for and the standard itineraries that tend to be offered. Therefore I decided that I wanted to create a company that took the time to truly get to know its clients, what they are looking for, perhaps inform them about destinations and hotels that they may not know existed but that will actually ensure that the experience that they are looking for is delivered seamlessly. I also realised that there are many solo female travellers who want to visit India but are reluctant to do so, therefore we created the concept of providing a travel companion, either myself or one of my friends who will travel with you and truly show you India from a local’s perspective.