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Our Ethos

World Best Women Oriented Travel Company

Titlyy, The Travel Company

Our ethos is simple. We want you to fall in love with this country we call home. We know that India is more than just her monuments, it is about her people, the food, the vistas, it is an all- encompassing experience and it is our aim to match these experiences to your expectations. In short, we want to create for you a trip whose memories will last for a lifetime.

Unique Experiences

During your tour, we will make sure that you get away from the mainstream and will include experiences tailored around your wishes and desires. We listen to what is important to you and ensure that we use our in depth knowledge and contacts to deliver these. These may not necessarily be written in your program, we like to keep the occasional surprise for you!

Hand-picked hotels

We believe in knowing our product, fully. All of the hotels that we use have been researched by us, from the most luxurious hotel to the most charming homestay, from the best in heritage to the best selection of good quality yet affordable hotels. So, no matter the price, from moderate three stars to the five star and fabulous, we know that the hotels we choose for you are the best in their categories and suited to your budget.

Cars and Drivers

We know that the most important person of your holiday is the driver! They are responsible for negotiating India’s traffic and getting you safely from A to B. We pride ourselves on ensuring we work with some of the best drivers in each region. We ensure that they are well taken care of and are fully briefed on your tour. They are passionate about their work and take pride in showcasing their country to you. We also ensure that the cars that you will be traveling in undergo regular services are perfectly maintained and

Responsible Tourism

We believe strongly in responsible tourism. Wherever possible minimising the impact on the local environment. For these reasons, we may suggest slightly off beat destinations which are not suffering the effects of over tourism. We choose hotels who also have strong environmental policies, whether a city hotel or a wildlife lodge. Our tours involve the local communities, with real interactions where you both benefit from a cultural exchange and money is given back directly to the source. We also discourage the use of plastics.

Local Tours

In all major destinations, we have sourced local guides who believe in showing you the real city, not just its tourist sights, they also believe in involving the local communities and will ensure that money is given directly back to the people.

Visits to NGO’s

We believe in supporting local NGO’s and wherever possible, will suggest at least one visit to an NGO in your travel program. These are NGO’s where you have a good immersive experience and your visit benefits the NGO that you are visiting.