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How To Book A Tour?

Titlyy means butterfly in Hindi. For us, a butterfly epitomises beauty and colour and flitting around, this is why we chose it as our name. We also believe that the planning of your holiday is like the lifecycle of a butterfly, with careful planning one can create a trip that is truly extraordinary in every way.

STEP 1: Gathering thoughts, ideas and inspiration.
You’ve heard so much about India and or Sri Lanka and want to discover it for yourselves, but where to start? We advise you to journey through our website, where we give ideas for trips based on experiences, destinations, types of accommodation and much more. India doesn’t have to be a set package, it certainly isn’t a one size fits all destination. You may want to learn to cook the perfect curry, go on a photo tour, you may be an adrenalin junkie or prefer to visit ancient sites, you may want to stay in family homestays or fabulous luxury palaces. We have given options from activity types to types of itineraries from single travellers to families, budget to luxurious. Develop ideas, come up with a list of destinations and experiences and then…………..

STEP 2: Let us know!
Contact us by email or on the phone with a list of the destinations that you would like to travel to, the activities that you would like to experience and the kinds of hotels that you prefer to stay in. Don’t worry if it all seems a bit jumbled and confusing at this stage, that’s what we are here for! We will take what you have given us and help craft it into your perfect journey. We understand how the logistics work, we’ll get a sense of the style of hotel that will fit our budget and will also be able to come up with other ideas and experiences that will fit in with the reasons that you want to visit India and will craft a journey that will make it happen.

STEP 3: Tweak it!
Once we have sent your itinerary to you, it will start to take shape, you will be able to read about destinations, be inspired by the experiences and dream about the hotels. But, we appreciate that it may still not be perfect. So, let us know what you think, discuss your ideas with us, tell us what you like, if there is anything that you don’t. If you would like to slow it down (ideally) or speed it up, add a special treat or factor in a lazy morning. We will then tweak it for you and ensure that it matches what you are looking for.

STEP 4: Book it and sit back and enjoy the anticipation.
It’s done! We’ve crossed the t’s and dotted the I’s, we’ve come up with a plan that you love, that includes all of your chosen destinations and experiences, it matches your budget. Now all we need is for you to pay the deposit. We will then get busy behind the scenes, making all the bookings, ensuring that the hotels, experiences, transport and guides are all booked for you. All that then remains is to get on the plane and come and enjoy this magical new world that is India.

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