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About Us

About Titlyy

Titlyy – The Travel Company was founded by Rohini Vachher an avid traveller who, having gained ten years experience in the industry realised that the tours were being sold to clients were just standard ‘off the peg’ itineraries that did not consider the actual desires and dreams. She also realised that there are independent female travellers who would love to travel to India, but were reluctant to do so on their own. Thus, Titlyy was born.

Our Tours:

Exclusively Curated Tours

We pride ourselves on being more than just a tour company. We create 100% tailor-made tours to the Indian Subcontinent. Whatever your travel interests are – wildlife, local culture & food, history, blissful beaches, solo trips, luxury and adventure or any combination of these, we at Titlyy are here to design a customized Indian Subcontinent holidays designed exclusively for you. And this is important; we don’t want to tell you what we think you should do. We listen to you and then combine your requirements with our knowledge and experience thereby helping to create an unforgettable holiday experience which is as unique as you are.

Solo Female Travel
We also cater to the solo female traveller, creating journeys that you can join in on. These provide not just the opportunity to explore India, safely and without having to worry about such logistics as, will the car turn up, if the hotel reservation has been made or if you are missing out on something essential. These tours not only take in the main sights, but focus on learning about the local foods, spices, shopping in the local markets and how to bargain! We include textiles and arts and crafts and meeting local women entreprenurs and NGO’s. Our small group tours take into account the dynamics that a solo female group is looking for and curates unique and immersive experiences. In addition to exploring this country from an insiders perspective, they provide the opportunity to meet like-minded souls and make friends for life!

Are You a single female who is unable to join one of our groups but would still like to be accompanied on a tour? No problem! We also arrange travel companions for you, a like minded individual, sometimes Rohini herself, who will accompany you on a journey through India. A fabulous way to not only travel safely and with confidence but also with a local who will show you the country from an insiders perspective, a truly unique experience!

Our Quality Guarantee:

There is a wide variety of hotels in India, from fabulous five-star palaces to charming and cosy homestays, from fabulous tented camps to small heritage havelis, from five star international hotels to the more affordable hotels with a more international feel. People often ask, how much will a tour cost? Well, thanks to this incredible array of accommodation choices, that very much comes down to, ‘how long is a piece of string?’ However, whatever your accommodation choice, whatever your budget, we will have checked out each hotel personally and know that it will match your requirements and offer our personal quality guarantee on each hotel that we work with.

Cars & Drivers:
The driver is the most important person on any pre booked tour of India. Their knowledge and expertise in each destination as well as assisting with the tour logistics are invaluable both to us and to you.

We ensure that:

All drivers are experienced and well-versed with your tour route, destinations and hotels.
All drivers are reliable, polite, respectful and have a pride for their country that they love to share – Just Ask!
All drivers, take your safety seriously as they maneuver you through our exotic lands, whilst ensuring our vehicles are amply stocked with refreshments for the journey.
Our vehicles are not only comfortable but are also air conditioned, insured, clean and regularly maintained.

If you are not traveling as part of a group with an accompanying guide, we use local guides in each destination to show you around. As part of our quality guarantee to you, we will ensure that:

The guides are certified by the government and thereafter reassessed annually.
All tour guides are handpicked from the government guide panel.
We make sure that the guide chosen for a tour is ‘local’ and well-versed with the destination.
Each tour itinerary and customer preferences( or special requirements) are discussed in detail with the corresponding guide before the tour starts.
During the tour, the guide remains in constant touch with our Delhi office for any last moment changes etc.
In case of very larger private groups, a Travel Escort also accompanies the tour for seamless tour management.
During the tour, we take regular updates/feedback regarding the tour from guide etc. for prompt handling of any complains or last moment changes.
We are available 24/7 for any emergency care. We are available round the clock to help you.

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