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About Us

Our name is what makes us an exclusive boutique travel hub specially crafted and created for your travel dreams to come true. At the heart of the company lies an avid traveller who is a veteran of the tourism industry. We, as a team believe in itineraries, which are custom made to your needs.

India is a vast country what with its varied cultures history and landscape. Titlyy tries to incorporate all the features of India in her well planned, stress free tour programmes. Titlyy believes in letting her travellers experience authenticity and beauty of the land in a suitable time format and well paced schedule. Whether it is an expedition, a group trek or a spiritual tour, white water rafting or simply see the rustic beauty, Titlyy is one stop for every discerning traveller. It is hard to believe but not an exaggeration to say that one can experience all the four seasons in the same month in India. That’s how geographically varied India is!

It’s simple, you tell us your dreams, and we make it come true.

Let, Titlyy design your travel plans to the land of mysticism. The USP of our company lies in the Sanskrit proverb, “Atithi Devo Bhava,” which means, our guest is our God. So even though we are professionals, we treat our clients as family.

Our experience allows us to create tours for all tastes: hiking, spa, culture, family, ecotourism, jungle, honeymoon and theme tours. We work on multiple tours, hand in hand, with customers to provide them our finest personalized services. With the knowledge and experience that we have, we will help you to choose the best possible accommodation, guides and vehicle to suit your interests, inclinations, preferences and still keep it within your budget. We know you’ve got places you’d love to see, things you’d love to do, cultures you’d love to jump into, and adventures to experience and cherish forever.

Let, Titlyy craft your travel to an exotic destination and make your experience colourful, inspiring and interesting. We cater to your personal tastes and individual needs to provide a perfect holiday by creating a unique customised journey with imaginative ideas that unlock the pure magic of India.

Come Discover India with us! Pack your bags with fun, excitement and thrill.

Come and get 'desi' with India!